Driving While License Revoked (“DWLR”)

If your license has been revoked by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, they are required to notify you in writing. However, there are many reasons why you may continue driving despite this revocation.

Being charged with Driving While License Revoked (“DWLR”) is not a charge to take lightly. A Class 1 Misdemeanor in North Carolina, a DWLR requires an appearance in court and could lead to possible jail time, if convicted. Further, if you are charged with a moving violation while driving with a revoked license, your license may be suspended for an additional 12 months.

License restoration is going to be the first thing to consider when charged with DWLR. What can we do to get your license back? This is a lengthy process and needs to be well thought through. This is something you should not take on alone.

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Common Questions We Can Discuss Include:

  • How can my license be restored?
  • Can I face jail time?
  • Can I do anything about tickets I have paid off?
  • What can I do with this ticket while I am trying to get my license restored?