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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day After Your Recent Divorce

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If you’ve recently separated from your spouse or finalized your divorce, you may be dreading the Valentine’s Day season. This day for the celebration of love could be everything you’re hoping to avoid. However, the team at Rech Law, P.C. wants to assure you that there are still ways to enjoy the day and celebrate the other types of love in your life.

Spend Time with Single Friends

Although you may be worried about feeling alone on Valentine’s Day, there are millions of people in the same position as you — spending the holiday single. Turn to your single friends and see who is available to make plans for the day or night. This could be a dinner, a day trip, or any other activity that brings you together and keeps you happy.

Plan an Activity with Your Kids

If you and your ex have children, see if you can spend the holiday with them. Depending on the age of your children, you may choose to:

  • Do Valentine’s Day themed crafts together

  • Eat Valentine’s Day themed snacks

  • Take them on a ‘parent-child’ date out on the town

  • Read Valentine’s Day books

Treat Yourself

Who says you can’t buy yourself a Valentine’s Day gift? If there’s something you’ve been thinking about purchasing for a while, do it! You could even do something simple and purchase yourself some flowers and chocolate.

Get Away

Changing your location can help you change your mindset. Instead of staying in the home or town you shared with your ex, take a trip. This can help take your mind off of your divorce and give you an opportunity to make new memories for Valentine’s Day.

Be Sad, If You Want to!

Being sad isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes, you need to sit and feel your negative emotions. If this is the case, don’t feel bad about spending Valentine’s Day thinking about your past relationship. This could be what you need to accept the past and move forward.

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