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Alienation of Affection & Criminal Conversation

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North Carolina is one of the few states that allows lawsuits to be brought against the parties who interfere in marriages in specific ways. These lawsuits can lead to large awards for the wronged spouse when taken to court. If you are a spouse who believes your marriage has been destroyed due to the actions of another party, you may have grounds to make a claim for damages. North Carolina law supports claims of alienation of affection and claims of adultery called “criminal conversation.” To help you understand the law in regards to these types of claims and whether you have a valid case, it is recommended that you seek the services of an experienced attorney. Our Charlotte alienation of affection lawyers at Rech Law, P.C. have extensive experience in these matters, and our practice has always concentrated on family law. Due to this, we have gained significant insight into how Charlotte family courts operate in these issues. Our legal knowledge, as well as our compassion for our clients’ emotional lives and futures, can be of benefit to you at this critical time.

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Alienation of Affection

As a married person, you may sue an individual whom you believe has caused you to suffer the loss of affection of your spouse.

In order to make this claim, you must demonstrate to the court that:

  • You and your spouse enjoyed a happy marriage with love and affection
  • The love and affection you enjoyed was alienated, and the marriage was ruined
  • The alienation was caused by the wrongful and malicious acts of the accused individual

Sexual intercourse between the accused and the other spouse is not a requirement in this type of lawsuit. It only must be proven that the accused individual engaged in or participated in acts considered to be malicious and harmful to the marriage.

Criminal Conversation

Criminal conversation consists of a lawsuit brought against the party who engaged in sexual intercourse with your spouse while you were still married.

In order to make this claim, you must prove that:

  • You and your spouse were legally married
  • Your spouse and the accused party had sexual intercourse during the marriage

In both claims above, a three-year statute of limitations applies which means your claim must be filed shortly after the affair has occurred.

Work with a Seasoned Alienation of Affection Attorney

At Rech Law, we are well-versed in North Carolina law and how these laws are handled in courtrooms. Our experience and commitment to excellence can make a difference in the outcome of your case. We understand the emotional nature of these types of family matters and will apply our effective legal skills to help you seek a favorable resolution.

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