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Providing Financial Protection after Marriage

Postnuptial agreements are written contracts concerning how certain financial matters will be handled should the couple legally separate or divorce, or should one of the parties pass away. These contracts are similar to prenuptial agreements except that they are drafted and finalized after marriage occurs. They must be written according to North Carolina law in order to be approved by the court and enforceable later on. They can be created at any time after a marriage has taken place.

If you need a postnuptial agreement negotiated, drafted, or reviewed, you can turn to a Charlotte postnuptial agreement lawyer at Rech Law, P.C. Our team has years of experience in handling these types of contracts. We can provide all the information, guidance, and support required to ensure your specific needs are fulfilled and that your contract is in compliance with the law. We pride ourselves on listening to your needs and helping you understand and explore all of the possibilities and ramifications of your agreement.

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North Carolina Postnuptial Agreements

Like prenuptial contracts, a postnuptial agreement calls for full disclosure of financial matters between the two parties. They are binding contracts that establish how the specific assets and debts of the couple will be distributed in the event of divorce.

Examples of when a postnuptial agreement may be useful are:

  • When a spouse comes into an inheritance or otherwise acquires an asset that he or she wishes to pass on to his or her children from a prior marriage
  • When the couple failed to establish a prenuptial agreement
  • When wanting to protect one spouse from the substantial debts of the other spouse
  • When a spouse wishes to keep a previous estate plan intact and valid
  • When the spouses wish to establish spousal support plans should they divorce

Experienced Legal Support at Rech Law

Postnuptial agreements must not violate what is called “public policy” in North Carolina. In order to make sure that your agreement is consistent with this policy and that it provides full financial clarity, it is important that you work with one of our Charlotte family law attorneys. This will help to ensure that your contract is not rendered invalid or subject to litigation in the future.

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