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Mediating Parental Agreements & Visitation Schedules

Conflicted husband and wife during divorce mediation with psychologist

When you file for a divorce, you may find yourself wanting more control over the decisions made during the process. What if there was a way to manage and discuss the aspects of your separation? Well, as we have mentioned in previous blogs, it is possible to negotiate your divorce agreement. Perhaps one of the most important things you can discuss in any custody matter is visitation agreements.

If you want to go through the mediation process and wonder how it can benefit the custody and parenting process, keep reading.

How Does Mediation Benefit Custody?

During a mediation session, you will have the opportunity to speak your opinion and stance on different issues. This includes child custody and any visitation plans that you will have in place. Instead of just placing your outcome in the hands of a judge, you and your ex-spouse can work together to reach an agreement that satisfies you both while also meeting your child’s needs. Due to this negotiation-based approach, you are less likely to leave feeling unsatisfied with the outcome of your custody and visitation agreement.

How Does Mediation Benefit Kids?

While mediation provides benefits to parents, as they get more control over custody agreements, there are also positives in the process for children. For example, you will gain more positive co-parenting skills as a parent. While you negotiate aspects of your divorce, you will have to consistently communicate with your ex-spouse. This won’t stop with your divorce resolution, as you will continue to co-parent as a team. Having these skills will give your children the parenting experience that they deserve.

Attorneys That Support The Process

If you would like to negotiate the terms of your divorce, it is important to have a supporting attorney on your side. The team at Rech Law, P.C. understands the mediation process and can provide clients with the guidance they need in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area.


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