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4 Tips for Handling a Stressful Divorce


Endings are often stressful. Whether you’re leaving a company where you have worked for years or moving away from a city you have always called home, it is going to be stressful. One of the most stressful things that a person can endure is the end of their marriage. In an instant, a relationship that you thought would last the rest of your life is over. In some cases, your best friend becomes your worst enemy. That’s a lot. You’re dealing with emotional fallout and financial ramifications, and if you have kids, that adds a whole extra layer of stress to the situation.

A big part of getting through a divorce is just managing the stress. If you can’t, it can make an already difficult situation completely unbearable, and result in you suffering an emotional breakdown and struggling for years to come.

What You Can Do to Manage the Stress of Divorce

There are several methods for managing stress during divorce. Here are four tips for handling the stress of divorce:

  1. Do Your Research – Make sure you do your homework on how divorce works in North Carolina. You need to know whether North Carolina is a no-fault or fault divorce state (we are a no-fault divorce state), and why that is important. You should also know the difference between uncontested and contested divorce, how child custody is handled in North Carolina, and what the steps of the divorce process are in North Carolina. You want to be aware of this, so that there is less of a chance you face unpleasant surprises during your divorce. Unpleasant surprises will only add to the stress of your divorce.
  2. Practice Self-Care – From start to finish, you need to prioritize taking care of your mental, emotional, and physical health during your divorce. Spend time with friends and family. Get a massage. Exercise, eat healthy, and get rest. Consider therapy. Therapy can be a great way to talk with someone who can help you deal with and overcome the stress of divorce.
  3. Keep Your Cool – If possible, keep things between you and your ex civil. Be as cooperative as you can and try to avoid conflict. That doesn’t mean you should agree to anything you don’t want to or just accept whatever your spouse dishes out. Always prioritize what you need out of the divorce, especially when it comes to child custody and child support issues. Keeping your cool just means, be polite and open to compromise. Friendly divorces and uncontested divorces are less stressful than contested divorce battles. Consider mediation instead of a trial. If you and your ex can work together to reach a divorce agreement that satisfies you both, it can remove a lot of the stress from your divorce.
  4. Hire an Experienced Divorce Lawyer – Having an experienced divorce attorney with a history of success representing you is maybe the best way to manage the stress of divorce. An experienced divorce lawyer has been there and done that. Your attorney will be able to guide you through the divorce process, help you avoid legal pitfalls, and assist you in finding a satisfying resolution to your divorce.

Let Our Experienced Family Law Attorneys Help You Manage the Stress of Divorce

At Rech Law, P.C., we have been helping clients through the divorce process for years. We have seen the toll that divorce can take on a person. That’s why our experienced divorce lawyers strive to help carry the burden of the legal aspects of divorce for our clients, so that they can concentrate on dealing with the mental and emotional fallout of the end of their marriage. We will be by your side through every step of your divorce, and our top priorities will always be protecting your rights, finalizing your divorce quickly, and securing the most favorable outcome possible for you.

For more information about Rech Law, P.C., and how we can help you, check out our clients’ testimonials.

Call us at (704) 659-0007 or reach out to us online today to schedule a confidential, no-obligation consultation with our experienced divorce attorneys.

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