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With a million and one things to tackle in the midst of a divorce, YOU are the number one priority. While this may sound like common sense, self-care can often get left on the back-burner. So, what are some ways that you can engage in self-care while going through the difficult period of a divorce?

  1. Trust yourself. You may be asking for and receiving advice about anything and everything, but trust what your inner voice is telling you to do.
  2. Take care of your body. Get an adequate amount of sleep every night. Exercise regularly and eat healthy food. A healthy body is the groundwork for a healthy mind.
  3. Do what you love. It might seem as though all of your free time is spent doing something related to the divorce, but finding time to do things you love will allow you an escape from the process. Read a book, watch a movie, meditate, spend time with your kids.
  4. Spend time with your loved ones. Connect with your current friends and family, and maybe re-connect with old friends. Lean on your support system, because that’s what they’re there for!
  5. Seek professional help. Remind yourself that it is okay to not be okay and request guidance from a mental health professional. Not only can mental health professionals serve as great support, but they can also offer valuable tools and resources to enable a smoother transition through this difficult point in your life.

Though not an exhaustive list of ways to engage in self-care, these five things can greatly enhance your ability to move forward with your life during and after a divorce. Through it, all, remember that you have all the skills and tools needed to overcome.

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