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Why It’s Important to Have a Prenuptial Agreement


If you are planning on marrying your significant other, you should really consider drafting a pre-marital agreement to make sure your interests are protected in case you end up getting divorced. Prenuptial agreements are very common today, especially among younger generations and people going on their second marriage.

What Is a Pre-Marital Agreement?

Your pre-marital agreement is a legal document that is made before you get married. This agreement contains specific details that explain which spouse receives which assets when the couple ends their marriage. You can use a prenuptial agreement for the following things:

  • Defining which assets are marital or community property
  • Supporting the details of your estate plan
  • Protecting the property you owned before your marriage
  • Making special agreements or arrangements between spouses
  • Outlining procedures and rules for deciding future issues that arise during the marriage

What Are the Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement?

The greatest benefit of having a prenuptial agreement with your spouse is that it clearly establishes the ground-rules for your marriage. Having a detailed prenup can help reduce future arguments over property and assets. A prenup is also a good way to strengthen your will. With a prenup, your descendants and heirs will be unable to change the conditions of your agreement, which means your wishes will be carried when you are no longer around.

Although many couples still don’t like the idea of entering into a prenuptial agreement, creating one is a good way to openly communicate about issues in your marriage. Because you have to talk about money, debt, and inheritance, many future misunderstandings can be avoided by making a prenup, which can actually end up strengthening your relationship.

Speak to a Charlotte Family Law Attorney

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