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What To Do When a Parent Stops Paying Child Support


Child support laws in North Carolina are important because they have made it clear both parents of a child need to play an active role in raising their child or children. Problems begin to arise when one of the parents decides to stop paying their child support or struggles to meet their demands. If the child support being provided is court-ordered the next step is to work with a lawyer to find a solution to the issue in the courts of family law.

Collecting Missed Child Support

The issue of providing child support payments in North Carolina is operated by a state agency, in this case, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). When a parent stops paying child support without the legal right being given to them the other parents have a number of rights that can be explored.

There are several ways the DHHS can help you to collect your missed child support payments, including the use of liens placed on their property. Another option is for the DHHS to assist by garnishing the wages, social security, or other income of the parent who has failed to meet their child support obligations.

When you are looking for help with getting your child support payments you may find the wait times for the agency handling your case are long. However, an attorney may be able to expedite the matter by heading straight to the family court and filing for a judgment against your non-paying spouse.

Consequences of Not Paying Child Support

If the issue goes to the family court, the judge can hold a parent in contempt if they are refusing to pay child support. The likelihood of being guilty of contempt increases the longer the support goes unpaid. Additionally, the non-paying parent will have to pay back these missed payments, as well as can be subject to numerous consequences.

A parent that does not pay child support may receive the following punishments from the court:

  • Garnished wages and/or income

  • Seizure of property and assets

  • Notification to employer

  • Loss of occupational or professional license

  • Loss of driver’s license and passport

  • Any tax refunds will go to back child support

  • Payment of the other parent’s attorney’s fees

  • Federal prosecution charges

  • Negative credit score

  • Fines

  • Jail time

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Speaking with the experienced Charlotte child support lawyers at Rech Law, P.C. is the first step in exploring your court-ordered options that are available assisting you with obtaining your children’s support. We understand how dire the need for this additional income is in ensuring your children’s needs are met, which is why we will do everything possible to help you find a favorable resolution.

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