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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Write Your Own Will

Woman Helping Senior Man To Complete Last Will And Testament At Home

The older we get the more we feel inclined to do things that can protect ourselves and our families, especially if anything were to happen. If you have been thinking about your assets and writing a will lately, you shouldn’t write it yourself, and here’s why.

1. Not Every Estate Plan is the Same

Estate planning can be a bit difficult, and although Google may be your best friend and maybe you’ve done a ton of research, but not all estate plans are one and the same. What may have worked for someone else may not work for you, even with similar backgrounds.

Estate planning forms that are generated by computer software are only designed to cover some of the most basic needs and are as simple as possible so they’re universal.

2. Legal Language Can Be Tricky

It’s important to understand that a will is a legally binding contract, and if the correct legal jargon isn’t used, your will can be open to scrutiny and be challenged. Your entire will hangs on the wording used in the document.

To create a legal will that can be upheld in court, always consult with an attorney to help you come up with a solid document so that your assets are in the right place.

3. An Attorney Can Protect You

The purpose of a will is to ensure that your assets are safe and go directly to your loved one. An attorney, like ours at Rech Law, P.C. has the knowledge, experience, and training to recognize flaws in an estate plan and help you with a plan that can be upheld in court. We can help you identify all of your assets that should be protected and in your will.

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