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Getting Ready For Your Holidays After Divorce

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The holidays have the potential to be a worrisome time of the year for some. If you have recently separated or are divorcing, you might find that the holiday season is even more difficult. You might be used to spending your holidays and time with your family or children. After a divorce, your patterns will change completely. It’s warranted to experience such stress with life changes.

Rech Law, P.C. understands that you want to have a pleasant holiday season. That’s why we are offering tips and suggestions for you this time of year.

1. Plan Now

If you have children, you should already plan well in advance for the holidays. There is no guarantee that you will have your children with you on the exact date of the holiday. However, there are ways to ensure that both you and your fellow co-parent get to spend time with your kids. Split the holiday or decide to have the children another day.

However, if you do not have children to coordinate and schedule for, you might find yourself wondering what you will be doing during the holidays. Don’t wait until the last minute to call friends and family. They may not know the best way to approach you after the divorce. By letting them know that you don’t have any plans, they can take the necessary steps to help you feel included.

2. Think Differently

While society might say that you should spend the holidays a certain way, you can also change your mindset and approach. If you fear spending the holiday alone, think about what you can do to change these fears. Just because you won’t be around people one day, that does not mean that you are truly alone.

If there is no one to spend your holidays with, think about things you have always wanted to do. You have the days to yourself, meaning that you don’t have to create a plan based on other people’s wants and desires. You don’t have to uphold to any specific standards in order to enjoy your holiday season.

3. Find New Things To Do

After a divorce, your routines and traditions will change. You might find it challenging to open up boxes of shared decorations and memories. You may also have lost connections to shared friends and their events as well. Instead of waking up and spending a holiday with your spouse, you will find yourself in search of new and fulfilling traditions.

There are many things you can do to improve your holiday. Inviting people over and creating your party is a great way to establish a new tradition. If you know other single people, perhaps having a gathering or going out together will offer more support and understanding. Don’t forget that your family members, such as parents or siblings, can also provide a sense of tradition during this time.

4. Get Creative With Gifts

Gift-giving is a huge part of the holiday season. However, the cost of presents eventually starts to add up. By getting more creative and thoughtful with gifts, you might be able to take your mind off of other pressing matters. Take the time to think about what you want to give to others during this season.

One example of a creative gift is passing down important family heirlooms or items. For example, if you have a ring from another relative, maybe it’s time to pass it down to your niece or daughter. If you are creative, you could even make gifts for other people. Shop locally and support small businesses over more prominent industries. This will bring more joy to the gift-giving process.

5. Don’t Navigate Issues Alone

If you are struggling with divorce and the holidays, know that you are not alone. There are other people in the world going through the exact thing you are right now. Furthermore, know that you always have an experienced family law team to back you up. Rech Law, P.C. is here for you with legal advice when you need it.


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