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What Is Different About Summer Visitation

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It is hard to believe that summer vacation is just around the corner. For most people, this is an exciting time for vacation and time with family. However, after a divorce, your routines and how you spend time with your family changes. For example, custody arrangements and visitation schedules will determine when and where children will be.

Summertime presents different challenges for divorced parents. While parents will have more time to spend with their children, other issues can potentially arise.

Schedule Changes

One thing you may potentially encounter more during the summer is requests for schedule changes from your fellow co-parent or even your children. Summer gives children more time to participate in activities, enjoy time with friends, and visit other family members. This means that there is a potential for schedule change requests, which can put a wrench in your plans. Remember that while it is important to lend flexibility in plans, it is also necessary to set boundaries in order to maintain your visitation plans.

Pressure For Fun

Kids are supposed to have fun during their summer vacation. This pressure can be heightened when you only have a certain amount of time to spend with them. Consider potential activities that you can plan ahead of time. You can also include your children in the planning process, asking them what specific activities they would like to do while they are with you. While it can feel overwhelming to try and make visitation as fun as possible, know that it is most important to be there for your children.

Tips For Success

There are several strategies that you can adopt to have a successful summer visitation with your family. Remember that you can lend your fellow co-parent flexibility at times, as you may also need it in return. Furthermore, plan your activities in advance, taking into account what your children enjoy.

Custody or Visitation Issues? Rech Law, P.C. Is Here

If you start to encounter custody and visitation issues during the summer, you may need legal assistance. The team at Rech Law, P.C. is here to help. We will listen to the details of your situation and work to determine the best course of action.


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