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You’ve been meeting with your lawyer, preparing documents, and getting yourself ready for the big day in court. Though you may be intimidated when the day arrives, it is critical that you make a positive impression on the judge in the little time you are with him or her. Here are three easy steps to best set yourself up for success in the courtroom.

  1. Dress for success. Pretend like this is the most important interview of your life, and dress accordingly. However, be careful to avoid dressing above your means as this could contrast statements that you cannot afford high payments. A plain suit and tie or appropriate skirt and blouse will do just fine. 
  1. Strategize with your attorney. Schedule time with your attorney to review the process and details of what will be discussed and asked. Ask questions of your attorney if you feel apprehensive or ill-prepared. The more prepared you are, the better!
  1. Respect all parties in the courtroom. Though you may feel negatively towards the opposing counsel and their allegations, it is important that you maintain composure and respectfully speak with all people in the courtroom. Similarly, ensure that your body language is kept in check and stays as neutral and poised as possible.

 These three tips will make a huge difference when you find yourself before the judge and can help improve your chances of a positive outcome in court. Success begins with you!

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