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How to Talk About a Prenuptial Agreement with Your Significant Other


A recent survey from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that 62% of lawyers saw an increase in the number of clients seeking prenuptial agreements. However, this rise in prenups doesn’t make the discussion between partners any easier.

A few ways to go about having the discussion with as little animosity as possible are as follows:

1.The Earlier the Conversation the Better

Initiating the conversation about a prenuptial agreement should be handled delicately, as there are a lot of feelings involved. And, because of the sensitive nature of this topic, it should be discussed sooner rather than later. Don’t wait until the last possible minute to broach the topic; doing so could create feelings of hurt, confusion, resentment, and more that will need to be resolved well before the wedding day.

2.Remind Your Partner That Every Marriage Ends

If your partner gets offended at the idea of a prenup because they think you are anticipating a divorce, try going about the conversation from a different angle. Death isn’t something many people enjoy thinking about or planning for. However, many people choose to create a prenup so their partner doesn’t need to worry about income and assets in the event of an unexpected death. Approaching the conversation from this angle could avoid a possible argument.

3.Reassure Your Partner

Stress to your partner that you aren’t creating this agreement because you don’t trust them or their intentions. Rather, you are taking precautions to ensure you both remain in control of your finances rather than leaving it to the state or the courts. Remind your partner that you’re not against them. In fact, just the opposite: A prenup can help you work together as a couple to plan for the future and account for unforeseeable circumstances.

4.Suggest Co-Creating the Agreement

A prenuptial agreement doesn’t need to be solely created by one partner. Both partners should have an equal say as to what goes into the agreement. Every person has assets they would like to protect in the event of an unforeseen circumstance like divorce. As such, it would be wise for each of you to detail what you would like protected from the state, or otherwise, should happen to the marriage.

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