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Getting a Good Alimony Arrangement for Your Divorce

If you're filing for divorce, getting a good alimony arrangement could help you remain financially stable as you dissolve your marriage. Today, we're covering how you can pursue an equitable spousal support arrangement in your case.

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Disclosing Finances as Part of Your Divorce

As part of the divorce process in North Carolina, your spouse must disclose all separate and marital property they own to the court and you. Of course, this applies both ways, but you probably earn less than them if you want to request alimony from your spouse.

Understanding the separate assets your spouse has access to is vital if you want to determine what would constitute an equitable spousal support arrangement for your case. Consider working with an accountant and your divorce lawyers to evaluate your spouse's financial disclosure - they can help you understand the resources your spouse will have available post-divorce, and what amount of alimony you should request from the court.

Leveraging Expert Witnesses

Many individuals are reticent to pay for expert witnesses in their divorce. While it may be costly to have an expert witness testify for you initially, doing so could pay dividends into the future, allowing you to more than make up for those initial expenses.

Speak with your lawyers about using an expert witness for your case. Whether it's a physician testifying about a medical condition or a business valuation expert who will back up claims about how much an enterprise is worth, an expert witness can be a powerful tool to help you obtain the outcome you deserve in your case.

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