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What Happens if I Can’t Afford to Pay Alimony in North Carolina?

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In some instances, alimony can become too expensive for people to afford to pay. Fortunately, there is help available if you can’t pay your alimony and need assistance making the payments more affordable. In this blog post, we will discuss the penalties people can face if they fail to pay alimony and options available to help individuals who can’t afford to pay alimony in North Carolina.

What Are the Penalties for Failing to Pay Alimony in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, it is important to understand the consequences of failing to pay alimony. Financial penalties can be imposed when a person fails to pay alimony, including wage garnishment and liens against personal property or real estate. In addition, failure to pay alimony can result in contempt of court citations, significant fines, and jail time.

Opportunities for Financial Assistance

The financial struggles of divorce can be overwhelming and staying on top of alimony payments is an essential part of maintaining stability post-divorce. Fortunately, North Carolina offers opportunities for individuals who are struggling to meet the agreed upon alimony payments in their divorce agreement. For example, in some cases, people can file to have their payments delayed or make their payments via an installment plan. Arrangements such as these allow people to honor their court-ordered obligations without facing serious financial hardship.

Consulting a family law attorney, financial advisor, or tax expert who specializes in post-divorce planning might also be beneficial as they can review all available avenues for adjusting or reducing monthly alimony payments.

Modifying Your Alimony Payments

If you are dealing with the complexity of adjusting alimony payments due to changing circumstances in North Carolina, it is important to seek professional help. Working with a lawyer who is experienced in family law and divorce-related issues can enable you to make certain that your modified payments comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Need Help Modifying Your Alimony Payments? Contact Our Experienced Family Law Attorneys for a Confidential Consultation Today

Our family law legal team at Rech Law, P.C. can help you modify your alimony agreement, so that you can afford to make payments without facing financial hardship. Our experienced family law attorneys can help to provide guidance throughout negotiations and can ultimately save you time, money, and worry in the long run.

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