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How Can I Help My Adult Child Through a Divorce?

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As a parent to an adult child going through the divorce process, you may understandably feel helpless. After all, this is your child’s decision, but they often find themselves relying on your guidance and support during difficult times. However, in this case, you may be wondering what you have to offer them and how you can help. In this blog post, we will discuss ways parents can support their adult children during the divorce process, including tips for providing comfort during challenging times and advice as needed.

Tips for Helping Your Adult Child Through Their Divorce

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when helping your adult child through their divorce journey:

  • Acknowledge your child's emotions and provide a listening ear. As the parent of an adult child who is going through a divorce, it is important to acknowledge their emotional needs. Listen to their concerns and feelings without judgement or criticism so that they feel comfortable expressing themselves. Additionally, normalize their feelings by letting them know it is natural to experience a range of emotions during such an uncertain time. Not only will this make them feel more understood, but it will also give them strength and courage in facing the upcoming changes in their life.
  • Accept that your adult child is going through a difficult time and they need support. Going through a divorce can be an emotionally tumultuous experience, no matter how old you are. As a supportive parent of an adult child going through such a transition, it is important to recognize and accept the difficult emotions they may be experiencing and understand that they need your support during this time. This can mean providing emotional support, helping them with practical tasks, or just being there to listen as they process their thoughts and emotions.
  • Offer practical help, such as helping them find a lawyer, finding them housing, or assisting with any financial obligations. As a parent of an adult going through a divorce, one of the best things that you can do is to offer practical help. Depending on their needs, this could be anything from helping them find a lawyer for their case, getting them settled into a new housing arrangement, or just being there to lend financial advice and support. By assisting your child with these important tasks, you can be a valuable resource as they deal with the legal and financial issues associated with their divorce.
  • Encourage them to seek professional counseling if necessary. The journey of divorce can understandably be challenging. If it feels too difficult to navigate alone, we encourage parents of adults getting divorced to make use of professional counseling services that may be available. Professional counselors can provide unbiased guidance, help process the emotions associated with the divorce, and provide strategies for efficiently moving through the divorce process. Seeking this type of help does not mean that you have failed in any way. It is simply a wise step towards protecting your well-being during this difficult time.
  • Be mindful of how you communicate with your adult child because words can have a powerful impact on how they are feeling. As parents of adult children going through a divorce, you not only need to show your love and support, but also be mindful of how those words are communicated. Individuals deal with their emotions differently, and it is important that you recognize this and act accordingly. Understand that the words you use can have an immense power in setting the tone for how everyone feels about the situation.
  • Remind your adult child that this divorce does not define them and there will be brighter days ahead. Going through a divorce is never easy, and it can be especially difficult for an adult child to process these emotions. It is important to remind your adult child that although this divorce may feel like it currently defines them, it will not define their life in the long run. You can help your adult child find hope during this emotionally trying time. They will not always feel so overwhelmed or defeated. Divorce is hard, but with love and support from family and friends, brighter days are ahead.

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