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What Happens in Family Law Court?

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Going through a divorce can be an emotional and challenging time for couples. If the couple cannot agree, they may need to take their case to court and let a judge decide how to divide their assets or who will get custody of the children. Going into court can be intimidating, so couples must understand what the process involves and what they should expect– allow Rech Law, P.C. to help explain.

The Process in North Carolina Family Law Court

In North Carolina, divorce cases are heard in a family law court. The steps in this process vary depending on the individual case but generally involve filing documents with the court, scheduling hearings, and presenting evidence. Depending on the case's complexity, these proceedings may take one or multiple days and involve additional hearings if needed.

What Happens in Hearings?

At each hearing, both parties will have an opportunity to present evidence and explain their position. This means that each person must be prepared with relevant documents such as financial records or any other material that could help support their claim. It is also essential for each party to stay organized throughout the proceedings, as things can get confusing quickly when multiple witnesses and pieces of evidence are presented at once.

Are There Witnesses?

During the trial, both parties also have an opportunity to cross-examine any witnesses or experts brought by either side to challenge any statements or findings made during their testimony. Cross-examination can help ensure that all information presented at trial is accurate and reliable before being considered by the judge when ruling. This helps protect each person's rights during the proceedings and ensures that no false claims or assumptions are used against either party during deliberation.

Work With Experienced Attorneys in NC

A divorce can be emotionally draining for couples, especially if they have to go through family law court proceedings to settle their differences. It is important for everyone involved in these cases—including both parties—to understand what processes are involved. Proper preparation and understanding of North Carolina family laws make couples more confident when presenting their arguments before a judge during divorce proceedings. This is best done with an experienced team member from Rech Law, P.C. at your side.

When going through a divorce, your case could end up in court. Our team can help explain what occurs in these situations. Contact us at (704) 659-0007 for assistance.

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