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Having Issues With Custody Arrangements?

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When parents decide to finalize their separation or divorce, they will ultimately have to make decisions about custody. When making custody decisions, parents intend on being able to rely on these arrangements for the foreseeable future. However, it is not impossible for problems to arise when individuals have to co-parent and share custody. When issues do arise, what can be done?

What Are Common Problems?

When it comes to custody, there are several issues that can commonly arise for co-parents. These include:

Problems with Visitation

Issues with visitation schedules are perhaps one of the most common problems to arise. Sometimes a parent will fail to follow the specified court orders, such as making it on time to pick up or drop off locations. One parent could even withhold visitation entirely.

Parents Relocating

As life goes on, changes can be expected. Sometimes these changes mean that a parent will have to move, whether it be a county away or across multiple states. These relocations can drastically impact visitation.

Disagreeing On Upbringing

One crucial element of successful co-parenting is that the parents agree on how the child is raised. If one parent decides to deviate from what is agreed upon, this could easily cause issues for co-parents.

What Can Be Done?

When parents are having issues with custody, there are several things that can be done. Co-parents should take the following steps to remedy custody issues:

  • Have a conversation with your co-parent about the issues that are occurring.
  • Seek out assistance from an experienced child custody attorney for advice.
  • Modify the custody agreement if it is necessary, especially in circumstances where relocation is playing a role.

These are several actions that individuals can take when they are seeking remedies for problems in their custody arrangement. Sometimes a problem can be solved in a simple conversation, while others may need legal intervention.

Rech Law, P.C. Is Prepared To Help

Are you having issues with your custody agreement? It may be time to seek assistance from an experienced family law attorney. The team at Rech Law, P.C. wants what is best for you and your family and will work to find the most appropriate arrangement.

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