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Divorce Considerations: Should You Change Your Last Name?

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Divorce is never a simple and easy experience, especially since many aspects of your life are changing. Ending a marriage means new living situations, adjustments in finances, and dealing with child custody matters.

One other little, but major, thing to also consider is changing your name back to what it was prior to the marriage. For some, they don’t mind having their ex-spouse’s last name, but for others, changing their last name is a necessary step to move forward with their lives. Below, our Charlotte divorce lawyers explain the pros and cons for changing your last name after a divorce.

Understand Why You Want to Change Your Name

It is important to know exactly why you want to change your last name. Is it because you dislike your ex and want to forget about them ever existing? Do you just like your name? If you despise your ex, then changing your name could help, especially if there are no children in the mix. If there are, then that could introduce some challenges because you will then have a different name than them. Would that bother you? If not, then there is no worry. You may just have to correct some people when they call you by your children’s name.

Will it Affect Your Business?

If you own your own business, or your name is heavily involved in the success of your career, it might not be a good idea to change your last name. Businesses can be negatively impacted by a name change, especially when the name represents the business.

Sometimes it is counterproductive and simply bad for business to make such a drastic change. People inherently do not like change; customers do not like change and some may take their money elsewhere. This could be an unwise decision for the continued success of the business.

How to Change Your Last Name

Regardless of your decision, you are still as unique a human being can be. A name does not define who you are deep down. If you are already divorced or in the process of divorce, there are certain steps you will need to take to change your last name.

If you are in the middle of the divorce process, one crucial bit of advice is to ensure that your divorce decree includes the option to change your name back. If this is not done and your divorce attorney overlooks it, then it will be a hassle down the line to go through the process. Not only will your time be spent dealing with the mess, but you would need to pay attorney fees, as well as show up to court.

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