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When is Having an Attorney Necessary During Divorce?

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When an individual decides that it is time to divorce their spouse, they have many different options available to them. For some, the first thing that comes to mind is finding an experienced attorney to help them through the process. However, attorneys are not a requirement when it comes to filing for a divorce.

Just because they are not a requirement does not mean that it is advisable to file for a divorce without them. In fact, there are several situations in which having an attorney is essential to reaching a fair, safe, and reasonable outcome. Rech Law, P.C. can explain more.

Unwillingness to Compromise

While it is true that some couples are capable of reaching compromises during a divorce, this is not always the case. In fact, it is possible that one side refuses negotiation or work to reach an agreement altogether. In these situations, the couple could potentially find themselves in court. Having an attorney to assist when one side refuses to compromise is especially useful.

High Number of Assets

Some couples accumulate more assets than others over the course of their marriage. When a couple has an extensive estate to take care of and divide during a divorce, it can become overwhelming. Unfortunately, it is also common for one spouse to conceal or hide assets, which impacts the outcome of the divorce. Divorce attorneys have the resources to properly investigate asset division and ensure a more equitable outcome.

Abuse is Present

If one spouse is abusive during the marriage, whether it is verbal, physical, or emotional abuse, it is crucial to have legal representation. A lawyer will be able to speak on behalf of the abused party, allowing them to avoid negotiations with their dangerous or harmful spouse. It is crucial to prioritize safety during divorce proceedings.

One Side Lawyers Up

It is possible for couples to agree upon not hiring lawyers and figure out the aspects of their divorce without assistance. However, if one side immediately lawyers up, then it is important for the other side to retain representation as well. If only one individual has legal leverage, the outcome could weigh in their favor.

Understanding Attorneys in Charlotte, NC

When the decision to divorce is made, finding an attorney should be one of the first things on the checklist. When it comes to having sound representation in Charlotte, NC, the team at Rech Law, P.C. is here.

Having someone in your corner is important. If you are ready to file for a divorce, you can reach us at (704) 659-0007.

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