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Should I Get Divorced Before or After the Holidays?

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When you decide to end your marriage, one of the last things that is probably on your mind is whether to do it before or after the holidays. However, that can be a much more important decision than you realize once you find out the pros and cons of delaying your divorce until after the holidays.

Pros and Cons of Waiting Until After the Holidays to Get Divorced

There are solid arguments made for both getting divorced before the holiday season begins and waiting to get divorced until after the holiday season is over. Every divorce is unique, so what works for one divorcing couple might not work for another. The following are the pros and cons of waiting until after the holidays to get divorced:

  • Pro – Many jobs include end-of-year bonuses. If you get divorced before the holidays and your spouse receives an end-of-year bonus, that money would likely be considered separate property and you wouldn’t be entitled to any of it. However, if you delay your divorce until the New Year, you may be entitled to a portion of your spouse’s end-of-year bonus.
  • Con – If you’re in an abusive marriage, you shouldn’t delay your divorce. Getting away from your abusive spouse as soon as possible should be your top priority. It is the best thing for your safety, and if you have kids, it’s the best thing for their safety as well.
  • Pro – There are several tax implications associated with divorce. One that may benefit those paying alimony is that they will usually have more deductions come tax time than the person receiving alimony. This can result in the person receiving alimony paying more in taxes than they would otherwise. If you’re going to be receiving alimony, it may be better to delay your divorce until the New Year so that you don’t have to pay as much in taxes right away.
  • Con – Depending on how contentious your and your spouse’s marriage has become, it may be too difficult to pretend to be a couple throughout the holiday season. The social pressure you’ll face to act like you’re happily married may not be worth the benefits of delaying your divorce until after the holidays.
  • Pro – The holidays are already stressful enough without adding a divorce to the mix. If you delay your divorce, you and your spouse can keep it to yourselves until after the holidays. It will be less stressful and if you have kids, it will allow them to enjoy one last holiday season with you as a couple before you get divorced. Plus, if you get divorced before the holidays, it will likely be a topic of conversation at every holiday gathering you attend, which will become very tiresome very quickly.
  • Con – Remaining with your spouse, even for a few extra days, weeks, or months, may be too emotionally difficult. The end of a marriage is not easy to deal with emotionally, especially if you’re delaying the progress that getting divorced would provide you. When your emotional and mental health are on the line, it is better to get divorced before the holidays. The benefits of delaying your divorce until after the holidays is not worth sacrificing the emotional relief that getting divorced as soon as possible could provide you.

Ultimately, only you and your spouse can determine whether it is better in your particular case to get divorced before or after the holiday season. Whatever you decide, speak with an experienced divorce lawyer about your situation first. A divorce attorney can examine your situation, figure out your most favorable options, and help you move forward in the best possible direction.

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