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Possible Co-Parenting Challenges

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For parents, divorce can bring about complex challenges that make parenting difficult. However, it is important for parents to work together and parent their children as a united front. In fact, research demonstrates that children with divorced parents greatly benefit from co-parenting, encouraging the development of healthy coping mechanisms.

While it is obvious that co-parenting is important for children, it does not mean it comes without challenges. Individuals that decide to go through this process with their former partner should be prepared for what difficulties may arise.

1. Negative Feelings Towards Your Ex-Spouse

After going through something like a separation, it is normal to have negative feelings towards your former partner. However, these feelings can harm your ability to show up as a co-parent, taking a toll on your child’s mental health and well-being. This is why it is crucial to avoid speaking negatively of your ex-spouse in front of your children, as this can backfire in the long run. Don’t put your children at the center of conflict and emotions towards your ex.

2. Lack of Consistency or Rules

For children, consistency and rules are important in providing stability and a sense of routine. This means that co-parents will have to work together to come up with the best rules and schedules for their children. For example, whatever rules the kids have at one house, they should stay the same at the other. However, it is not uncommon for co-parents to ignore the set schedule and rules. This is a challenge that you may encounter and have to work around.

3. Competing For Affections

The whole point of the co-parenting experience is to provide your children quality time with both parents. Children benefit from spending time with each parent; however, co-parents should not fight for attention. One parent may feel the need to outdo the other, showering their children with gifts, special trips, or more individualized attention. Yet, this does not necessarily have a positive effect on your relationship with them. Turning co-parenting into a competition could harm your bond over time.

4. New Partners In Your Child’s Life

It is expected for individuals to move on after a divorce. However, step-partners can also bring about additional stress for children. In fact, they can develop feelings of resentment or distrust toward new people in their life. You should have formal introductions and discussions about these changes in your child’s life, so they can properly adjust.

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Navigating challenges while co-parenting is to be expected, as it is a difficult experience for individuals to adjust to. If you are experiencing challenges with your co-parent, and don’t know the best actions to take, Rech Law, P.C. is here.


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