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How Does Alimony Work in NC?

In many divorces, alimony is one of the most contentious aspects of divorce. Whether you're a recipient or payor in a prospective alimony arrangement, the outcome of your alimony dispute could significantly affect your financial stability for years or even decades after your divorce.

Today, we're exploring how alimony works in NC. To schedule a consultation with one of our alimony lawyers and work with an experienced attorney on your case, contact us online or via phone at (704) 659-0007.

What Is Alimony

Alimony exists to help courts ensure that, in situations where two parties file for divorce, both parties can maintain the same standard of living established during their marriage post-divorce.

The length of alimony arrangements largely depends on the circumstances of the case. If a party only needs support for a certain amount of time, the court may set a specific deadline for the expiration of the alimony order. Alternatively, if a party needs more long-term or flexible support, the alimony order may last an indefinite amount of time, be up for review by the court intermittently, or another arrangement the court considers equitable.

What Do Courts Consider in Alimony Cases?

Courts consider a multitude of factors when deciding whether to award a party alimony post-divorce. Some of the most crucial factors courts consider include:

  • The length of the marriage;
  • The earning capacity and potential of each spouse, including their earning potential if they received additional training or education;
  • If one spouse is unemployed, how difficult it would be for them to re-enter the job market and find gainful employment;
  • How other aspects of the divorce, such as property division, were decided;
  • How each spouse contributed to the marriage and each other's livelihood;
  • How the proposed alimony arrangement will impact the payor;
  • Whether any misconduct played a role in the divorce.

The amount of alimony the court awards varies on a case-by-case basis, according to the factors above and any others the court deems pertinent to the case.

At Rech Law, we'll work with you to establish an equitable alimony arrangement with your soon-to-be-ex. To schedule a consultation with our team, contact us online or via phone at (704) 659-0007.