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How to Tell Your Children About Divorce - Tips for Parents

If you're filing for divorce, figuring out how to break the news to your children can be challenging. Today, we're offering advice on how parents can tell their children about an impending divorce compassionately and effectively.

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Consider the Age of Your Children (& Visiting a Developmental Psychologist)

The age of your children will greatly impact how you break the news of a divorce to them. For example:

  • A toddler may not understand the concept of a divorce at all;
  • An elementary school-aged child may immediately lash out; or
  • A high school-aged child may repress their feelings and express them differently (such as lowering grades or dropping out of extracurricular activities).

If you feel like you don't have a good read on how your child will react, a visit to a family or developmental psychologist may be in order. They can help you understand how news of a divorce may impact your child depending on their age and maturity. Continuing to attend counseling throughout the divorce could also help your child process the news.

Develop a Script with Your Partner & Tell Your Child Together

If you can, try and break the news of the divorce as a united front. This could help your child understand that you and your soon-to-be-ex are working together and putting your child's needs first.

If you do break the news together, put together a script. Otherwise, you're in for an awkward conversation and may say things that you regret or feels as though you handled the moment poorly.

Get Ready for Questions

Above all, you and your partner need to prepare cohesive answers to questions such as:

  • Do you still love each other?
  • Do you still love your child?
  • Who will your child live with?
  • How much time will your child spend with each parent?
  • Will your child keep going to the same school?
  • How will your child's day-to-day life change?

Being able to answer these questions confidently can help your child feel more at ease throughout your divorce.

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