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Can a Midlife Crisis Lead to a Divorce?

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Recently, actor/producer Reese Witherspoon and her husband, Jim Toth, announced that they are getting a divorce. According to She Knows, a digital news website that caters to women, Toth and Witherspoon have been married for nearly 12 years and share a son.

One of the couple’s friends commented that their divorce could be due in some part to changes in Toth’s behavior, including:

  • Abandoning his career as an agent
  • Dressing half his age
  • Wearing strange jewelry
  • Getting tattoos

That same friend mentioned that Toth may be changing because he’s going through a midlife crisis. However, She Knows did not confirm or deny the friend’s allegations in this article. We may never know whether a midlife crisis truly played a part in the end of their marriage.

How a Midlife Crisis Could Lead to a Divorce

While the allegations that Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth’s marriage is ending due to a midlife crisis are only based on hearsay, there is truth to the fact that a midlife crisis can lead to a couple getting a divorce. The following are ways a midlife crisis can play a role in a couple getting divorced:

  • Being Selfish – Divorces are often initiated by one partner who yearns for change. A desire for change is usually the driving force behind a midlife crisis. However, people often regret hurting loved ones the most after a midlife crisis. In a midlife crisis, the desire to start a new life can be overwhelming, but it's important to do so without causing harm. The key is to make changes less destructively, minimizing the pain to those around you as you embark on a journey of self-discovery.
  • Trying to Undo Past Decisions - Midlife can be turbulent when everything needs a shake-up. But it's important to keep a clear head and not let the idea of undoing past decisions take over. Just because change is desirable doesn't mean that your marriage was a mistake. The opposite is often true.
  • Making Rash Decisions – At some point in our lives, we all have a list of goals we want to achieve. The infamous midlife crisis might ignite a desire to reinvent ourselves entirely. Still, if we don’t tread with caution, we can end up making rash decisions during this period can prove detrimental, such as getting divorced.
  • Overreacting – Feeling lost and uncertain during a midlife crisis can be overwhelming. Some people fear that they will never be happier or more successful, and this belief can lead to destructive behavior. In some cases, people succumb to these negative thoughts and overreact. Suddenly, they consider divorce to be the default solution to their problems. Rather than focusing on everything they have, they start feeling like marriage is holding them back and causing them to miss out on the things that will truly fulfill them.

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