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Which City Is North Carolina’s Adultery Capital?

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Does adultery happen more often in some cities than others? According to a recent K104.7 article, there are certain cities in North Carolina where marital infidelity is more common than others. Per the report on K104.7’s website, My Dating Advisor conducted a study concerning which cities in the US are home to the most cheaters.

The K104.7 report primarily focuses on the cities in North Carolina where cheating happens most often. According to the article, the metropolitan area in North Carolina that is home to the most incidents of adultery is Durham.

Overall, Durham ranked 12th in the US as far as most cheating incidents. Other cities in North Carolina that made the list include Raleigh, Charlotte, and Fayetteville, which ranked 28th, 33rd, and 53rd respectively.

The cities that ranked as home to the most faithful spouses in North Carolina are Cary, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem.

How Does Adultery Affect Divorce in North Carolina?

Cheating can impact a divorce in North Carolina in several ways. Adultery can affect whether the court awards a spouse alimony, and it can impact how much spousal support a spouse is awarded. Committing infidelity can also affect how the court decides issues like division of property and child custody.

In addition to impacting divorce decisions, adultery can leave people open to legal action, such as alienation of affection and criminal conversation lawsuits. An alienation of affection lawsuit is a civil suit that someone can file against a person who they believe caused them to lose the affection of their spouse. A criminal conversation lawsuit enables people to file civil lawsuits against people they believe had sex with their spouse while they were still married.

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Few things can ruin a marriage like adultery. It is a particularly painful way for a relationship built on trust and love to come to an end. However, even if infidelity led to a marriage falling apart, it is only one of many factors that can impact how a divorce unfolds in North Carolina.

At Rech Law, P.C., our legal team has helped people involved in divorce disputes involving a wide range of issues, including adultery, child custody, child support, alimony, and much more. We understand how to resolve divorce disputes in the court room and through mediation. Our goal is always to help our clients secure the most favorable outcome possible to their situation.

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