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How to Avoid a Divorce


The best way to get through a divorce is to avoid getting a divorce, in the first place. You can start thinking about divorce – and avoiding divorce – before you get married. Think critically about your relationship before you get engaged and follow some of our tips to stay married for good.

Sign a Prenup

Some people are turned off by the idea of a prenuptial agreement but signing a prenup can be a great way to strengthen your relationship before you get married. While you create this legal document, you and your future spouse will get a chance to talk about money in ways you may not have before. Marriage comes with social, legal, and financial changes, and being on the same page about all of these changes is incredibly important if you want your marriage to last. Before you get married, create a budget together, discuss spending habits, and make sure you each have a good record of your financial records as they exist before marriage.

If you want some assets to remain separate, or you want to have your own line of credit, that’s okay! It’s all about finding what works for you and your relationship.

Talk It Out

All too often, couples wait until they are in a divorce attorney’s office to talk about what has been bothering them in a relationship. Instead of resolving fights in court, learn how to argue in a healthy way and resolve small disagreements before they become bigger ones. That’s right, arguing can be good, as long as you “glorify the struggle,” avoid keeping score, and treat each other with respect.

Do Things Together

Sometimes, the couples we see in our office have stopped having sex – or they have not been on a date in years! It may seem simple but remember to do things together. Kiss, cuddle, plan activities, or just make time to sit on the couch and do nothing or get closer to one another between the sheets. Remember to make your marriage a priority and make sure you have a work-life balance.

Especially If You Have Kids

If you have kids, spending time together is even more important. Prioritizing your relationship can feel counterintuitive, but it may make raising your children together easier. After all, a crisis with your children is easier to handle if you and your spouse are a team.

Men’s Health spoke to a psychologist who said the following:

The marriage is number one, the children are number two, and work is number three. If you make marriage number one, your children will do better and you won’t have to spend that much time managing them—and you’ll be more productive at work.”

Similarly, many religions recommend making your priorities God, your spouse, then your kids.

Set Yourself Up for Success With Rech Law, P.C.

If you’re thinking about getting married, congratulations! We’d love to see you in our office BEFORE your big day, so we never have to see you AFTERWARD.

Rech Law, P.C. can help you create a prenup that serves your relationship as you embark on this exciting adventure.

Be smart together and stay together by calling us at (704) 659-0007 or contacting us online before you sign your marriage certificate.