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While meant to be the season of happiness and joy, for a newly divorced parent, the holiday season can be quite scary. Here are five tips that you, as a parent, can follow to ensure the holiday time is still joyous and bright for the whole family:

  1. Who gets the kids when? Follow the visitation schedule set in your court Order, or plan a holiday calendar with your co-parent so that both parties feel comfortable with when/for how long they will have the kids. Planning ahead is absolutely critical this time of year!
  2. Be flexible. Recognize and understand that things can change at a moment’s notice, so try your best to roll with the punches. Total rigidity can make your co-parenting relationship strained.
  3. Avoid getting the same gifts! Create a shared space with your co-parent, where you can put gift ideas and even mark off who will get what. Google documents are a great place to do this!
  4. Start new family traditions. The holidays will be different now that your family dynamic is different, and that’s not a bad thing. Bring a fresh tradition to the table, so the new family unit is still a fun and pleasant place to be for the holidays.
  5. Have some “me” time. Be sure to set some time aside for yourself during the holidays. Do something that you enjoy, relax, and unwind. To avoid being totally overwhelmed with the holidays, make sure you are practicing self-care.
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