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Child Custody, Visitation Rights and Parenting Time

When it comes to matters of child custody, there are far too many individuals who don’t truly understand their rights. In these types of cases, this often means recognizing the differences between physical and legal custody, as well as understanding how visitation and parenting time matters are decided.

Legal vs. Physical Custody

When the courts make a decision regarding child custody, they may consider both types of custody: physical and legal. Many aren’t aware of how they differ from one another, but the premise behind them is drastically different.

For physical custody, this is the decision regarding where the child is going to live a majority of the time. This can be separated into both sole or joint custody. Typically in joint custody, the child lives with both parents an equal amount of time. With sole custody, one parent has the child for a majority of the time and the other parent receives parenting time.

With regard to legal custody, this refers to the decisions made for the child. For instance, medical choices, religion, education, and more. When important decisions need to be made, the parent(s) with legal custody must make the choices whether on their own or with both parents agreeing to the decision.

Visitation and Parenting time

While the custodial parent will have the child living with them a majority of the time, the non-custodial is often granted visitation or parenting time, depending on whether or not they are a danger to the children.

This time is based on a number of factors determined by the court and may involve visitation for so many hours, or parenting time for a number of days or weeks. Many custody matters have one parent with sole custody while the non-custodial parent has the child every other weekend.

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